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    The 14-Day Rule
    If you have been in an auto accident,
    it’s imperative that you visit a doctor within 14 days
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    treating work-related injuries
    Dr. James Shea has many years of experience
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  • Sports Injuries
    How Are Sports Injuries Treated?
    we see athletes from junior high and up
Physical Therapy

If you’re experiencing pain and limited mobility from a joint, muscle, or soft tissue injury resulting from an auto accident, fall, or sports- or work-related injury, Comprehensive Injury Center can help.

Interventional Pain Management

Dr. Joseph Sterling, the pain management doctor at Comprehensive Injury Center, performs all types of therapeutic injections for back pain, neck pain, muscle and joint pain, and nerve damage.

Chiropractic Care

At Comprehensive Injury Center, our chiropractor, Dr. Yvonne Gaj, performs spine adjustments and manipulation to correct spinal misalignments and postural imbalances.

Massage/Therborobotic Therapy

Comprehensive Injury Center offers a unique massage therapy called Therbo Robotic™ Therapy. This advanced equipment uses a robotic arm to massage sore muscles and connective tissue.

Diagnostic Studies

To help our providers promptly and accurately diagnose your injury, Comprehensive Injury Center offers MRI and nerve conduction studies on site. We use MRI for high quality images of soft tissue areas such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Second Opinions

If you’ve been told you need surgery but want a second opinion, our physiatrist, Dr. James Shea, can review your injury history and determine if all nonsurgical options have been exhausted. He will evaluate the treatments you have received and assess the quality of any diagnostic studies you may have already had.

Welcome to Comprehensive Injury Center

Since 1988, Comprehensive Injury Center has specialized in pain management and integrative physical medicine, administering unique one-on-one services and treatment to patients who have sustained injuries resulting from sports, automobile, and work accidents.

Our practice cares for those who suffer from acute or chronic pain and are looking for alternative treatment approaches besides medication. We use the latest, most advanced technology and evidence-based methods to help you return to your daily life with the highest level of function.

Our highly experienced physiatrist and pain management specialist, with the assistance of physical therapists and chiropractors, work with you to develop a customized program designed to treat your specific injuries. No matter the cause of your injury, we will relieve your pain and improve your quality of life.

car accident

In a car accident in the last 14 days?

If so, you need to seek treatment immediately! According to the Florida PIP statute, you have 14 days to seek initial medical treatment after an auto accident and be eligible for up to $10,000 of PIP benefits (also known as “the 14-day rule”). If you do not receive treatment within this time frame, you will forfeit the use of your PIP coverage. At Comprehensive Injury Center, any of our providers can evaluate you and determine the extent of your injuries. Don’t delay – call today!

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Patient Education

Learn about the symptoms and treatments for dozens of pain conditions and injuries.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any orthopedic condition or treatment, please feel free to contact Comprehensive Injury Center at 734-288-6860. To request an appointment, use our secure online appointment request form.

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Back Injuries Common In Young Athletes

Lower back injuries don't just happen to the overweight and middle-aged. They're the third most common type of injury suffered by young athletes, more common than even concussions, according to a new study.

Overtraining appears to be the single biggest culprit behind young athletes' back injuries. Children and teenagers are still growing. Their bodies are still growing, developing and can't take as much repetition, and therefore training, as an adult body can.

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Sports Injuries

People with active lifestyles are often at risk for sports-related injuries. Some injuries may occur from accidents, while others can result from overuse, poor training practices, or using improper gear.

At Comprehensive Injury Center, we see athletes from junior high and up. Dr. James Shea, our board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist), can properly diagnose your athletic injury and provide nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments that restore a more pain-free condition.

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"Not warming up or stretching enough before you play or exercise can also lead to injuries" - Dr. Shea

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